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All About It

What is Rhea Lana's?

Rhea Lana's, Inc. is an upscale children's consignment event business. We are based in Conway, Arkansas, with more than 70 franchises in 23 states.

Rhea Lana's is a semi-annual (one week in the spring and one week in the fall) children's consignment event. Shopping with Rhea Lana's is a great way to buy excellent quality items at outstandingly low prices. Families can sell their gently used children's clothing, maternity clothes, baby equipment, toys, books, shoes, and more. Our consignors start out earning 70% of their sales with opportunities to earn 80%! Thanks to our Consignors who generously donate their unsold items after each sale, we make contributions to several wonderful organizations that reach out to those in need within our own communities.

Do you carry only children's clothing?

No. At our events we carry children's furniture, nursery bedding, maternity clothing, nursing accessories, high quality children's toys, children's books, and infant equipment (such as walkers, strollers, high chairs, car seats, and portable cribs).

Why consign with Rhea Lana's?

  • Consignors earn between 70%-80% of the sale price.
  • Consignors can choose if they want to sell some or all items for half price on the final sale days.
  • Consignors price their own items and enter them into our system either by computer or from their phone with our app. iPhones Click Here. Android/Google Play Click Here.
  • Our VIP Consignor program for families who want to consignor but don't have the time to prep, tag, and hang items.
  • Consignors can monitor their sales in REAL TIME from our website during the sale!
  • We guarantee all lost items that are labeled in the store.
  • Consignor's checks and reports will be available on Pick-up Day (day directly after the sale).
  • Consignors who donate all unsold items do not have to pick-up their checks in person. We will happily mail them within a few days of the end of the event!

What if a consignor doesn't have time to prep clothes/items for an event?

Let our VIP Consignor program help! We will hang, tag, price and transport your items to our event and you'll earn 50-70% of your sales and a pass to shop early at our Pre-Sale!

We will price things so you will make as much money as possible. We have a lot of shoppers who come to buy only half-off items on our final sale days, so will strongly suggest you choose to let your items go half-price.

We'll also need to know if you want to donate your unsold items OR if you will be picking them up at the end of the event. If you choose not to come to Consignor Pick-Up day, we will happily mail your check to you with a few days!

Your consignment experience can be as simple as dropping off your gently used items, telling us your pricing/donation desires, and having a check mailed to you!

Why do you guarantee each item?

We care about our consignors, thus we do not want them to lose any of their items or money. Our way of offering a peace of mind is having a guarantee on items tagged in our store. Consignors will not suffer a loss should an item not be returned to them after the sale. Consignors know that they can TRUST us with their high quality items!

We recognize that consignors put in a lot of hard work to help stock our store with products that our shoppers love! We value our consignors and the high quality items they have entrusted with us, so we track each item with our unique computerized barcoding system and database. We strive to treat our consignors (and customers) as we would want to be treated.

Most consignment stores give 40-60%. Why do you give your (non-VIP) consignors 70-80%?

We recognize that consignors not only help stock our store with products that our shoppers love, but they're filling our store with THEIR items! Our consignors are very special to us and we believe our consignors deserve a fair price for their items. We want each consignor to make the most money possible to benefit their family.

Why should I consign instead of having my own garage sale? Why is your event better than having my own garage sale?

With an event targeted to families, your excellent quality maternity and children items are shopped by more customers in the market to buy than the average garage sale. Customers may go in our store looking for something specific, but see your item and decide to buy your item in addition to what they came there for! We do the advertising and staff the event with friendly people. The combination of these few details along with others not listed, you are likely to earn more money than you would at a garage sale.

Why do you emphasize EXCELLENT QUALITY so much?

Our consignors want to earn money and our buyers want to buy quality items for their children. From a consumer's standpoint, no one wants to sort through, much less BUY, low quality items. It is a time waster for us to put stained, worn, smoke scented, and/or out-of-date items on a rack. While we understand this becomes a little subjective (as each person has their own idea of "high quality"), we want to give our consignors the best opportunity to sell their items and customers pride in their purchase. Because these goals, we insist on accepting only excellent quality items. It makes the events more profitable and successful for everyone involved.

Why did the local owner decide to start a franchise here?

Haven is a military spouse whose experience with consignment started in Oklahoma in 2012. What originally appealed most to Haven about consignment was the up-cycling and money-saving aspects. While in Oklahoma, she loved the quality and integrity that she experienced as a consignor and shopper of Rhea Lana's.

Haven's husband received orders to San Antonio in 2013 and they found there was not a Rhea Lana's in that location at the time. They explored the idea of franchise ownership, but decided to wait based on inexperience. About a year after their move to Texas, Julie Walker started Rhea Lana's of Northwest San Antonio. Haven and her husband eagerly and happily became consignors and volunteers beginning with the Julie's second sale. Haven thoroughly enjoyed watching Rhea Lana's of Northwest San Antonio grow and become successful. Haven was thrilled to share in that success as a consignor and volunteer.

The military lifestyle meant it was soon time to move again! When Haven learned that their next base would be in Augusta, GA, she looked to see if there was a Rhea Lana's in the area, and discovered there was not. Leaning on the experience gained through volunteering with Northwest San Antonio, she and her husband felt they were ready and excited to share the Rhea Lana's brand with community by starting their own franchise, Rhea Lana's of Martinez-Evans!